When Jimmy Butler fell out of a canoe:


Jimmy Butler III is a renowned American professional NBA player. (Born Sep’14 1989 in Houston, Texas).He was abandoned by his father while he was just an infant. At age 13, he was kicked out of the house by his mother, survived somehow with the help from his friends. Despite being a left alone kid he does not hold any grudges for his parents and he loves them a lot and keep in touch.

At Tomball High School, before his senior year during the summer, Jordan Leslie (a freshman football and basketball player) challenged him to a three-point shooting contest, and since then they are friends. Butler was called to live with Leslie at his home with his mother, step-father and 6 step siblings. 

As a Junior, he scored well and has been voted his team’s most valuable player, but after he came out from the high school, he was not readily recruited and hence he attended Tyler Junior College in Tyler, Texas. He was very famous and numbered 127th prospect for Junior college prospect in 2008. His scores were all time improving.

When Jimmy Butler fell out of a canoe:

Fast forward to 2011 where he took-off for better plays and made many records. Butler was selected in 30th pick in 2011 by Chicago Bulls. His career-high record was 28 points against the Toronto Raptors on April 9th. Two weeks later, he recorded again his first career 20/10 game with 22 points and a carrier high 14 rebounds against the New York Knicks. After these plays, he was injured, played many games, made many records and touched sky high names of the NBA in the history of the sport. And hence he was named the NBA Most Improved Player.

Butler is a five-time NBA All-Star, a four-time NBA All-Defensive Team honoree,  and a two-time All-NBA Team honoree. He is amongst the top 10-15 best players in NBA.

Now coming to the point when he fell off from canoe and screamed like a baby which was published 3 years back or so:

It is an ESPN video on him while he was trying to adjust his life in Minnesota. He went canoeing, made a campfire and set up a tent with ESPN’s Sam Alipour. And while doing so, he said some hilarious quotes which shows his innocence, humbleness and how a childlike NBA Giant is struggling to get set to his new life in Minnesota:

  • “I can’t swim”
  • “This is not happening right now”
  • “This water is cold”
  • “Is there sharks in the Lake Independence”

After a few mins in the video, when Alipour and Butler get back to the shore of the lake, Alipour gets out leaving Butler in the backseat. The canoe starts tilting to the left and in no time Butler touches the waters, thankfully the waters water was 6 inches deep only. 

There is no way you could watch this video and not walk away loving Jimmy Butler other than his game play.